Eskif is a community of practice - the journey in the broad sense - which aims to share knowledge and experiences, which creates opportunities within a group sharing this same practice, whether they are beginners, experts or professionals of this practice.

This community allows members to share their ideas, experiences or skills, to explore new possibilities, to find professional opportunities, to create networks, to collaborate online or on site and to improve in a way general.

All content on Eskif is provided by its members.

These may include blog posts, shared links from other platforms, events to which other members may invite you, or requests for information for which you may be able to provide an answer.

Eskif is an exchange platform that you must take ownership of and in which to engage.

Initially reserved for boaters, we noticed that many users of the platform came from all over the world. Our community has therefore naturally opened up to all those who have left, are leaving or wish to leave.

We are all faced with the same challenges, whether it's finding a one-off solution to a given problem, finding a source of income, choosing a mode of travel, confronting customs and language barriers.

Consult Eskif on your smartphone, tablet or computer, all for a fixed monthly rate. Subscriptions range from €5 to €19 per month depending on your profile.

The subscription renews automatically on expiry.

The subscription allows us to ensure a platform without any advertising and without exploitation of your personal data for the benefit of third parties.

Eskif subscriptions can be canceled at any time without any charge.

Termination is done in less than a minute from your account settings.

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