first boat handling

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first boat handling

Sailing around the world.

100 Technical videos, sailing for beginners, sailing for dummies

the full video here for the patreons :

1: Advice and price on the purchase of a sailboat.
2: Cost of living to live on a sailboat around the world.
3: Special couple gentlemen and ladies, the importance of the companion.
4: Power source and rear gantry.
5: Engine part 1.
6: Engine part 2.
7: Engine part 3.
8: Electricity part 1.
9: electronics on board.
10: The weather part 1.
11: The weather part 2.
12: Life raft and Epirb.
13: Schedule Engine Problem.
14: Calculate your need of energy .
15: hole in hull in a liveaboard sailboat.
16: Repair of sails.
17: The shroud and the flexible shackles.
18: Financing sailing around the world.
19: transmission of fears and motivation
20: Anchorage and engine troubleshooting
21: the polar and their interpretations
22: downwind sail selection
23: The night shifts
24: Captain the fair share of things between discipline and relaxation
25: Gray water tanks.
26: Outboard Engine 2
27: Firearms on board or not?
28: Rigging of fortune
29: The close wind
30: Death person on board
31: The strong weather
32: The too comfort mooring
33: anchorage on 2 anchors
33: crews breifing
34: safety briefing
35: Learn how to sail or improve your skills
36: How to set your sail properly
37: Spare part onboard
38: Electric troubleshooting
39: Bacteria on the water or diesel
40: Bugs and other tricks
41 Hybrid propulsion
42: first step on a boat
43 first boat handling

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